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Welcome travelers,

to the shattered land of Nagredoren!

You will find that this realm is broken. Splintered by a terrible event eons ago, this once Earth-like planet is a now husk surrounded by tidally-locked islands. Areas of this land are arid deserts formed under the heat of the binary suns.

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The lay of the land.

There are currently 6 terrestrial layers: Doga, Rega, Mika, Faska, Solga, and Latka.

Though any and all races can call these lands home, six races have come to power: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Halflings, Dwarves, and Dragonborn.

These six races have formed, over hundreds of generations, three factions: The Reclaimers of Doga, The Settlers, and The Expansionist Guild.

The only other major force beyond the three factions are the Minotaur raiding parties. They venture from deep within Latka about once a generation. With indiscriminate force, they ravage the lands in search of riches and sun touched villagers. Once sated, they leave the lower layers intact and able to survive, but waiting for the eventual return of the hordes.

Main Page

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